I started my career in professional wrestling, leaving the Computers & Multimedia course at SCD in Dublin to accept the role of Contributing Editor for World Of Wrestling Magazine in Chicago. A year later I had the good fortune to be hired by online entertainment juggernaut IGN in San Francisco as Editor-In-Chief of their new Wrestling channel, assembling the team and building it from the ground up.

In 2001 I moved to Calgary, Alberta Canada, and trained for the ring myself in the famous Hart Family Dungeon. I had my first match in July. I would wrestle regularly in Ireland and England, holding the “Young Lions” championship in British promotion 3CW Wrestling.

In 2004 I joined Dolphin Television to present a new wrestling-themed evening chat show called “The Bagpipe Report.” (The title is a long story). The show featured interviews, competitions, phone-ins, sketch comedy and news from the industry. It was broadcast all over Europe on Sky Digital television.

In 2005 I opened a wrestling gym in Dublin city. We trained aspiring superstars of both genders, all ages and experience levels. The most well known of these is Steve Farrelly, a hard working powerhouse of a man who went on to become world champion at Wrestlemania under the name “Sheamus.” Another student, Ciaran Gallagher, had suffered a stroke at the age of 12. Amazingly, despite limited use of his right leg and almost no use of his right arm, he was able to work his way up to performing regular independent wrestling matches. The promo video of his accomplishments which earned him the chance to wrestle for an independent wrestling promotion in America is on the “video” page.

In 2006 I began a three-year relationship with RTE Television as a writer and presenter. The role involved covering youth-oriented events around the country where we would talk to young people about their projects and interests. It also involved a lot of comedy, and a cavalcade of different characters and personas. During this period I also did a lot of film work, acting in dozens of films and directing a total of ten independent films & documentaries.

In 2009, I underwent eye surgery for glaucoma. It was a complicated situation which necessitated sixteen surgeries over two and a half years to correct. It’s most fortunate for me that we live in such an advanced age. The experience gifted me not only with a great deal of knowledge and appreciation, but a pirate patch which now resides permanently over my left eye. People - particularly kids - seem to really like it. My mother suggested that I add a parrot for further effect.

While away from regular work I produced two podcast series from home - the satirical current events show “Rebel Radio” and wrestling review show “The Wrestling Dungeon” – as well as my first feature film, “Working Class Heroes.” Working Class Heroes was shot in Cork City in March 2012 by a fabulous crew of independent Irish film makers and is now in post production and near completion.

I returned to regular work in April 2012, teaching acting classes for the Irish Film Academy.

Other interests of mine include Stand-up Comedy and Music. I performed a series of shows for Pat O’ Shea’s Craichouse Comedy Club in 2008 and opened for Steve Hughes in Cyprus Avenue during the Irish leg of his world tour. It was a great experience, though the whole stand-up gig was one of the more stressful activities I’ve had the opportunity to partake in.

I’ve played guitar since studying with Roy O’ Driscoll of the great Cork Band The Orange Fettishes in 1995. In 2003, I wrote the independent album “Addicted To Emma” and recorded it as part of the band Romance Is Dead (my the teenage years are a melodramatic time). I continue to play guitar today, and as recently as this year I’ve been rocking out with great musicians like Tom McCarthy, Con Doyle, Willie O’ Brien and Dr. Ciaran Lee in Cork City. It’s a constant pleasure I look forward to continuing throughout my adventures.